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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> a big day in college >> stanford upsets no. one, oregon today in overtime. how we can shake up the pack fall championship and kron 4 is exclusive the surveillance video of thieves trying to rob a
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santa cruz jewelry store but first, reagan rolled into over the bay area today. in time for the thanksgiving holiday. >> brian?? >> it is already starting to move to the east and to the south. that is what we are seeing of the stormtracker 4 that rainfall has already departed we are looking dry towards the north light rain in the san jose. and as milpitas. if it has been relatively light most of the energy of this system has it dissipated. as we have seen you, some big down poor'
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downpour-in concord, antioch and. experts still wet weather. about one- quarter of 1 in. with wet weather. and the san francisco, at least no more rainfall but there are still wet streets and the same for the north bay. rainfall totals, the in the past 48 hours have been heaviest in the north bay. and over 1- inch in san francisco, napa but it looks like the rainfall is beginning to wind down. your seven day forecast, coming up. >> as the rainfall continues on/off we have seen and jeff bush fiord he is in hayward. how is it looking out there? >> is a mess. this is their mission and the fort hill corner. this has been coming down near foothill and commission on the corner. it
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is still coming down pretty hard. and to commission. let me show you. if this water what i did see was a lot of rainfall of accumulating it. most of the drivers for two months there were supposed to do which is taking it easy and keeping their distance. for the people in front of them and right out here live, vicki the rainfall is still coming down, steadily. it is cold and wet. jeff push, kron 4. >> continuing our team coverage, alesia reed spoke to residents that their rainfall could create a another mass of mud. >> this will fly in the
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still as remnants of mud slide the water main break created havoc. since then, this net and held up park. and he tells all along the sidewalks. and city crews have been checking. but by 2:00 a.m. i still saw people. and with tonight's expected rainfall the neighbors still scared are moving their cars out of the way. >> i have seen my car and even the kneecaps covered. my niece-covered with a niece. >> my ban is still damage. and i still need to get an estimate for it might van..- the city still needs to take precautionary steps with a rainstorm will not create as much water as the broken pipe in such a short amount of time neighbors have been
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alerted. >> not necessarily to evacuate but be on the lookout and be aware. >> some are open and there is not point to be any additional problems and there are homes that are all close to the open lands. >> if the water goes straight down and not diverted to the field. because you see, it grows it that way there are houses that could be a big disaster. >> they are making sure that everything is okay if the rain a shooting continue on the/off until sunday. in daly city, kron 4. >> a stanford cardinal pulled off a major upset beating no. 1 or and the 70- 14 in overtime you. jordan williamson. it 17-14 = final score. oregon was the only team that had not defeated.
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and they will go to the pact will championship if they have a victory again making their way to the rolls bowl. stanford will visit next week. >> and at 6:the 30 tonight in menlo park police responded to shots being fired at a person down in the street near the 300 block of i be dry. they found a man with a uut on know a man of o gunshot wounds on-ivy drive. witnesses saw two people running. they are still investigating a. >> and only on kron 4 santa cruz police are looking for four men that that are trying to find these men that were robbing a jewelry stores. >> tell williams cooler
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exclusive jewelry del williams and -- jewelry store you can see this black car parked in the middle of pacific avenue they discovered the this car was stolen from a dealership in oakland today's before. >> this is from santa clara county. even from contra costa county. >> three men stormed into the front door catching employees off guard. and downtown santa cruz. they started bashing into jewelry pieces and trying to grab those rolex watches or ever, the troubled limited it last did not that to triple-glass to not break your >> they were getting into an oddeuropean audi... >> the employees were
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treated and no injuries. >> the fourth person was the driver that ended up in the furniture st 100 block. >> they ditched the car. and they all believe between 20- 25 years old. they say that this is similar in the bay area robberies including san carlos, cadanville, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. the more trouble for cat williams why he was escorted by his own security at his show. wet, windy weather for a surfer that got stranded in the ocean. what when to wrong. thanksgiving, 0 east residents are giving those who are less fortunate. that is all, coming up.
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the more trouble for comedienne katt
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williams had to be escorted off the stage by security at the oracle a regatta. williams was set to purr performed last night at the are we not but audience members say the comedian instead, started rambling on stage and had to be removed. he even tried to challenge a heckler to fight. this comes on the heels of a lawsuit that was filed against him friday over another show he has been opened. 18 year-old ldelvann mosley davis says he was beaten inside williams toward van. >> coming up the what would the, when the weather showing difficulty for the server that windy weather. surfer [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> the wet and windy weather causing problems for san francisco as they were forced to rescue a surfer who got stranded out in the ocean. our cameras were the only one there mike pelton. >> that server was stranded just off the shore of ocean beach. and how he can help get back on land. >> forced hanson was stock in the ocean. >> forest hansen. -- s stuck..>> this surfer, with nine months' experience. >> the waves are pretty
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high and i got swept back and. i were switching so fast but to let the surf board ago. the server was washed up on to the beach. and he was on the rocks. he is going to come back here to ocean beach to try to find his a surf board. if you plan on coming to the beach? he waved to those people waiting and waiting-- eating apples restauran eating-t restaurant. >> and as for any a lesson learned? >> i will not to think on that one and pay better attention to where you are he is going to come back to ocean beach to try to find his surfboard. if you plan on coming back officials say that you should check the weather report before you leave home. be extremely careful. in ocean beach, mike pelton, kron 4. we do have some rainfall.
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>> with jeff bush in hayward is really getting dumped on and it continues to reign in the east bay. the focus of this storm has shifted. to the east and to the south. and the north bay, san francisco this event is over but still going on in the south bay it is starting to begin to open up around el miso and cupertino. and campbell. but heavier through milpitas and fremont. we still have a steady but the and should be in sight. event the next couple of hours. we are getting the tail end of a large storm system that has been impacting california and the entire west coast.
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it is about to make its way to the sierras. and the snowfall is an issue of to the west, there is another system. this is going further to the north. it will bring us clouds monday, and portions of the rainfall but it is not expected to get any further south. if this is a live look at the san mateo bridge and it is pretty wet. the rainfall totals have been really impressive. in the hills of sonoma county. this is to the west and the higher elevations nearly 4 in. in the last 48 hours the santa cruz mountains, nearly 3 in. and the snow levels have been above 7,500 ft. for so that has helped the travel situation. with an additional 6-12 in. possible with the winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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snowfall totals at 6,000 ft. and here is the rainfall for tonight it is going to move out. as we go for this evening. with some showers possibly with the conditions improving and showers and sunshine mixture. and dry for sunday with the exception of the spotty shower early on monday. and a round in santa rosa we have another system on tuesday. increasing clouds for the evening hours. residual showers and clearing. on thanksgiving, friday, saturday all looking nice with a sunny. >> 0>> with the holidays writer run the corner is the time to be thankful and for some oakland residents right from the corner toward also to give back. so they can enjoy a homemade turkey dinner. jeff pierce. >> charitable organizations throughout the bay area are trying to make sure that no
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table is without a meal. >> i hope that we can do our best that we can to have a great thanksgiving. >> in east oakland, the acts full gospel church sent saturday filling shopping bags with traditional trimmings for people the waited in line for hours. >> as far as the need it seems that people get more for free food. people have a different indeed. need indeed. >> into the east oakland park police chief howard jordan is committed to help a turkey giveaway where hundreds waited in the rain for as long as five hours. >> , on and get in line. m.l. come back wilson began this 16 years ago. that our community got something so there was one less thing to stressor about during this holiday season. >> the charity that keep out over 1200 turkeys is as straightforward as they come. >> we've raise the money, and by the birds and give
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them out we do not want to where you live, residency or ask you what your status is if you are in line, you are going to get a turkey. >> but it is also about fostering a sense of community service for the next generation. >> it is not the grown ups it is the children passing them out we want them to have the opportunity to give out a turkey and see what it is to give back the committee that is the bottom line for us. in oakland, jeff pierce, kron 4 news. >> the slight increase in the travelers are run calif. according to aaa. 4 5 million will be traveling over 50 mi. for the thanksgiving holiday. and 169,000 residents are going to travel by boat, trade and other transportation. 1.2 million will go through s f o. friday will be the
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busiest day. >> the death toll is rising over the cause of border. israeli air strike in response to rockets one of rocket was launched saturday morning as it went straight for tel aviv. this conflict is intensifying as troops are becoming more organized. >> as it deadly air strikes continue along the gaza strip there was an urgent meeting in cairo, egypt. >> we should evaluate the arab position and to the peace process and the peace initiative we cannot continue this forever. >> israel hammered gaza early saturday morning and causing fatalities and smashed buildings including the headquarters. israel
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will continue to defend itself. >> we do not want to get into gaza we do not like to escalate or engage ourselves with any of warfare. not with picasso or anyone else. after millions of our citizens have been under fire for so long people cannot go to work. they cannot send their children to school. they cannot go to restaurants. >> benjamin netanyahu is calling for u.s. support and palestinians are in disagreement. >> i think that is a grave mistake. and also the position of the united states to to support the tensions. >> leaders of the region are hoping to diffuse this intense situation. the
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>> federal investigators are saying that the warning signals were on and a west texas railroad crossing with a parade float crossed the tracks and killed for military veterans. the national transportation safety board said that the warning said inco signals were activated. for veterans from afghanistan and irq were killed injuring 16 other people. coming up next and sports, stanford was taking on oregon that the cal /golden bears how did the bears to 2. coming up after the break. how did the bears do?
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>> and one of the last games of the season in cal bears, there were demolished by the oregon state beavers 64-14. the beavers dominated the whole game. the bears could not really muster much of anything on offense and defense could stop anything that the beavers threw at them. allen. ford.. bridgeford through the
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yards with no touchdowns and only one interception. cals three hattic rushing attack managed to gain 100 and the arts on the ground and in the week and full of sets the no. 1 team in the pc as standings, kansas state lost, 5224 against unranked the lowebaylor glasoc martin fran for touchdowns. have a great night
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